Star Citizen Reveals Details About Alpha 3.11 Update

Cloud Imperium Games revealed more details this week about the latest update to the alpha build of Star Citizen. The update brings in a number of improvements and additions to the game, starting with the fact that pilots can now expect a new element of danger with the removal of Armistice Zones. There will be more combat near space stations as players can attack each other when entering or leaving a variety of space stations. Security forces and turret systems have been added to maintain law and order, so attack others at your own peril. The game has also added the 100 Series of ships, which you can see a trailer for below. There are also new force reactions and high-powered weapons, as well as improvements across the board including new ships, weapons, features, and gameplay improvements to the game. You can read the finer details of those additions here, with more info and other trailers below showing off some of the celebration plans in the works. …And yet, with all this going on, still no word of when this game will ever get fully released.

A look at one of the 100 Series ships, courtesy of Cloud Imperium Games.
A look at one of the 100 Series ships, courtesy of Cloud Imperium Games.

"Today is a big day for the Star Citizen community as it marks both the launch of the Alpha 3.11: High Impact Update as well as the beginning of Star Citizen's birthday celebration," said Cloud Imperium Games CEO and Star Citizen creative director Chris Roberts. "It has been an incredible eight years of building this universe with the most amazing community in gaming. While we've made huge progress towards creating a fully immersive universe like nothing else in gaming, none of this would have been possible without the support and devotion of our community. On behalf of everyone at Cloud Imperium Games, I'd like to share our thanks and gratitude for your support. We are truly humbled and look forward to continuing the journey together."

Alpha 3.11: High Impact update is now live and available for all pilots, unveiling three new Origin 100 series starter ships. Designed for pilots looking to turn heads without sacrificing functionality or reliability, the 100 Series are among the most fuel-efficient ships in class with elegant onboard living accommodations. The 100 Series will also be the first new ships to feature a more physicalized dashboard, where every button and switch in the cockpit's interior can be interacted with by the pilot. Whether you're looking for the ultimate personal touring vessel, a short-range delivery solution, or an elegant peacemaker, there's a 100 Series ship to fit your personal adventure.

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