Star Trek: Fleet Command Adds The Next Generation Content

Scopley and CBS Interactive have added new content to Star Trek: Fleet Command as the game is going to The Next Generation, if you will. Now you will be getting a taste of the classic TNG as the game has included new additions from the series. First off, you're getting five officers you might recognize in the form of Data, William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Geordi La Forge. They will also be adding Captain Jean-Luc Picard at a later date. (Sorry Worf, we don't know why you weren't included, we can't wait to see the angry Worf-fan comments.)

The update also comes with a complete The Next Generation revamp of the game's First Time User Experience for new players, the series' original soundtrack in-game, and the launch of the highly anticipated Away Teams feature. Not to mention the chance to command the brand new Enterprise-D, as the uniforms and time period suggest we're getting these characters from Season One of the show. You can read more and check out the trailer below.

A look at the content coming to the game from The Next Generation, courtesy of Scopley.
A look at the content coming to the game from The Next Generation, courtesy of Scopley.

First Time User Experience Update & 40+ New Missions

To welcome new players, the Star Trek: Fleet Command first time user experience has been overhauled to immediately immerse Commanders in the "The Next Generation" in-game. Fleet Command's first 20 missions now take players on a unique adventure featuring familiar characters, ships, and storylines from the series.

Star Trek: Fleet Command New Away Teams Feature

For the very first time, players can send officers on assignments. It's time to revisit strategies and assess the value of existing officers as players send them off throughout the galaxy to complete unique tasks and earn rewards! Players will create high-performance teams by mixing and matching officers with complementary skills fit for unique missions that can earn exclusive rewards.

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