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Marvel Strike Force Is Throwing A Black Widow Event
Scopley has revealed that starting tomorrow, July 1st, Marvel Strike Force will be launching a special Black Widow event in the game In case you haven't been paying attention, there's a new Marvel Studios movie featuring the titular character in which she makes an appearance before all the things in Avengers: Endgame takes place So[...]
Star Trek: Fleet Command Adds The Next Generation Content
Scopley and CBS Interactive have added new content to Star Trek: Fleet Command as the game is going to The Next Generation, if you will Now you will be getting a taste of the classic TNG as the game has included new additions from the series First off, you're getting five officers you might recognize[...]
Scopely Launches Star Trek: Kobayashi Maru Browser Game
Scopley has launched a new browser-based Star Trek game that will push you to the limits on choices with Star Trek: Kobayashi Maru Fans of the franchise already know and dread the name Kobayashi Maru, as it is the famed simulation at Starfleet Academy that tests your skills under pressure in a no-win scenario One[...]
We Finally Sat Down & Reviewed Scrabble GO On An iPhone
We'll explain that in a bit, but after a few months of getting some games in and seeing how our rank went, we're finally able to tell you what we think of this one. Credit: Scopley Getting to the first question many probably wonder about, yes, this is basically Words With Friends with better branding[...]
Star Trek: Fleet Command Officially Comes To Mobile
Scopley announced that they have officially brought in every universe they can into Star Trek: Fleet Command for mobile devices According to the announcement, this is the first mobile game ever to capture the entire Trek universe For those who haven't played it before, the game takes off from the Kelvin Timeline, originating in the[...]
Scopley and WBIE Launch Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem
Put together by Scopley and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, the game stars practically every iconic character ever created by the studio to star or play a supporting role in any of their cartoons, from A-list characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, all the way down to villainous foils like Hazel Witch and Barnyard Dawg[...]