Star Wars: Squadrons Discusses Ranks & Progressions

Electronic Arts published a new blog post this past week discussing some of the finer points to Star Wars: Squadrons like rankings. While the game is self-contained, there are multiple ways players can build themselves up over time through online play. That includes doing Challenges, as well as long-form Operations, both of which will contribute to your personal Level in the game. These online pillars will give you a chance to earn Glory, which is a currency that is only earned by playing the game to later be used to unlock cosmetics. You'll also be able to gain XP which will get you a Requisition, another earned-currency that you use to unlock ship components for both style and efficiency. ou can read a little bit about the ranks below, and you can check out the full blog post here.

You'll be spending a lot of time in space earning your rank, courtesy of Electronic Arts.
You'll be spending a lot of time in space earning your rank, courtesy of Electronic Arts.

Players also have their own personal level. Your level is a linear progression path that does not reset, unlike your competitive rank. For the first forty levels, you'll unlock Requisition points that can be used to unlock ship components. If you're one of our more dedicated pilots and you hit level 40, you'll have enough points to unlock all components, allowing you to try out every potential starfighter build. Our goal with levelling isn't that you'll get more powerful as you level up, but rather that you'll have more options available to you (via components) as you play.

As mentioned before, there will also be occasional bonus events that play out over time, including ones that provide additional Glory. Beyond that, completing parts of the game will also provide you with cosmetic bundles. Players will get a bundle of cosmetics for completing the single-player story mode and another for completing the Fleet Battles tutorial.

While almost all of [Star Wars: Squadrons] experiences will be built in at launch, we'll still be updating it over time. We've seen a few questions about this, but should anything need to be balanced or fixed, we'll be actively taking your feedback to make this the best possible starfighter experience! Release notes will be provided with any updates we make so you can always know what's changed.

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