Steve Aoki Leads Charity-Focused Pokémon Saves the World Box Break

Steve Aoki may be best known for being a DJ, producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, but he has made his mark on the Pokémon TCG community in recent years. Much like superstar vlogger, podcaster, and boxer Logan Paul, Aoki has been one of the bigger names that has come into the hobby. This is not without controversy, as the celebrity impact has been noted for its impact on the market price of cards as well as the scalping craze that briefly led big box retailers to stop selling Pokémon TCG products. However, Aoki is clearly intent on doing some good here, as he has partnered with Goldin to lead a Pokémon TCG box break and auction with 100 percent of proceeds going toward autism, brain, and pediatric-focused charity.

Pokémon Saves the World charity image. Credit: Goldin
Pokémon Saves the World charity image. Credit: Goldin

Steve Aoki commented on the box break charity, saying:

"A few things I really love are supporting good causes, throwing amazing parties and collecting Pokémon. Give me the chance to do all three at one time and you know I'm going all out!"

Goldin Executive Chairman Ken Goldin added:

"One of the overarching themes of the Pokémon is friendship and helping each other back up after you get knocked down. Leveraging the power of Pokémon to raise money for these incredible causes proves that these aren't just animated creatures and paper cards. Pokémon are real-life heroes and their existence may help save lives."

Dubbed the Pokémon Saves the World auction, this event will also involve Gary Haase, known by some as "King Pokémon," who has recently endured backlash in the Pokémon TCG community due to his comments regarding iconic artist Mitsuhiro Arita's signature on a slabbed Base Set Charizard. The charities which will benefit from the auction include the Aoki Foundation, Camillo Foundation (pediatrics), Touro University Nevada's Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, N.E.A.T Nevada Educational Advocacy and Tutoring Services, Project FOCUS at UNLV Medicine Ackerman Autism Center, Grant A Gift Autism Foundation, Collaboration Center Foundation, Thi Nghe Protection Center for Disabled Orphans based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Advanced Developmental Disorders Support (ADDS) based in Tokyo, Japan; Optic Gallery and Hickey Elementary School Autism Classes.

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