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"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Semifinals Results

We're live in Paris, France as Com2uS presents the Summoners War Championship 2019. Here are the results of the semifinals featuring the final four.

"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Semifinals Results
Credit: Com2uS/Webedia

Match One: Baus~ vs. Thompsin

The first match was quickly contested as both men pushed each other to the limit, but Thompsin popped in for the quick takedown ok the healer and took over the first match. He went up 1-0 as Baus reflected on the loss while the timer ran down. Baus was not to be outdone as he came out the gate fighting and returned the favor to Thompsin with a speedy victory, tying the match up 1-1.

Game three showed both men learned from their mistakes and how the other battles, banning some key characters before diving in. Baus looked like he had the victory in hand early on as they felt each other out. But then Thompsin landed a heaping amount of damage on Baus' line and just slowly killed off each of his members one by one, giving Thompsin the 2-1 lead. The fourth match felt more like a chess match, and by far, one of the longer matches of the day as they held each other off. Thompsin appeared to have the victory until Baus ran in and punished him for a slight mistake. Baus took him all the way to a 2-2 tie and a game-point match.

If you figured out the match results so far, you'll see they went back and forth between wins for four games. When Thompsin is first to make ban choices, he knows how to handle the game against Baus. So it should come as no surprise that Thompsin took Baus out in teh final round after the two felt each other out. It was pretty academic three minutes into the match as Thompsin moves onto the Grand Finalks.

Winner: Thompsin (3-2)


Match Two: Rosith vs. L'est

In the first game, Rosith picked up where he left off in the last round, dominating the match with some incredible control strats. There were a number of choices L'est made that also left him vulnerable and caused him to lose two characters in short order, paving the way for Rosith to go up 1-0. Both men came at each other hard to start game two, taking out a character each early on in the fight. But after some counter players and whittling down the lifebars, L'est didn't have much of a prayer and decided to concede the second game and gave Rosith the 2-0 lead.

Game three was a back-and-forth affair as Rosith spent much of the match looking for the quick fix to put L'est away. But he kept missing the killing blow and left himself open for L'est to sneak in for two quick character kills mid-match. After that, Rosith didn't have much of a fight left and was forced to accept his fate as L'est got a point on the board. Match four seemed like it was going Rosith's way, but again, he kept going for the quick win and didn't plan for the long game. L'est was able to take advantage of the oversight and saw his openings, taking down Rosith again and tying it up 2-2.

Game five rolled around, the second one of the semifinals. Rosith went for more of the passive attack and went more long game this time around, but had to deal with the same banned characters as last game. L'est fought hard and removed one character early on, leaving Rosith as a disadvantage. Once his second character was gone, it was pretty much the end of the game as Rosith showed it on his face. L'est pulls the reverse sweep for the 3-2 win and moves onto the Grand Finals.

Winner L'est (3-2)

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