Super Evil Megacorp Launches Catalyst Black Into Early Access

This week, Super Evil Megacorp has announced that their upcoming iOS game Catalyst Black will launch into Early Access. The game was revealed back in May as a refined battleground shooter with a few more sophisticated mechanics, which essentially gives the game a hardcore battle feeling as you will have large scale battles featuring multiple players at once. You will have access to thousands of combinations of gear, weapons, and abilities that will affect how you play the game. As you will go through and collect and upgrade it all to later customize your gear and create the perfect loadout. You can read more about it below as the game will hit Early Access on August 12th, with a final release date yet to be determined.

Large scale battles that will test your endurance lay ahead, courtesy of Super Evil Megacorp.
Large scale battles that will test your endurance lay ahead, courtesy of Super Evil Megacorp.

"Super Evil Megacorp has long been known for creating core experiences on mobile and today we continue to feel like not enough innovative and enticing experiences exist in the mobile market. We wanted to take all the lessons we learnt from Vainglory and make something completely fresh from a creative and technical perspective," said Kristian Segerstrale, CEO of Super Evil Megacorp. "Catalyst Black will be a new kind of battleground shooter offering deep, strategic gameplay for any kind of playstyle alongside accessibility and a forward-looking multiplayer design. Our ambition for the drop-in, drop-out design is to provide immediate togetherness in our game experiences. We're incredibly excited to launch the Early Access Secret Service program and to work with the early player base to shape the final Catalyst Black experience ahead of global launch."

Catalyst Black will feature teams of 10+ and game modes that mix team combat with strategic objectives such as capturing the enemy flag or taking down specific neutral monsters. A unique twist in Catalyst Black, is the ability to transform. In addition to your weapons and human abilities, you can also equip a mask that lets you temporarily transform into a powerful primal god. The drop-in, drop-out design will allow players to get into the action faster without waiting to join a party or for long match-making times. Players can drop directly into a friends game by just tapping on their name while solo players can also join matches in progress.

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