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P.A.M.E.L.A. Will Leave Steam's Early Access On June 18th

P.A.M.E.L.A. Will Leave Steam's Early Access On June 18th

will finally leave Steam's Early Access This game has been in the works for years, going back as far as 2015 It was released into the Early Access system back in 2017, and we'd be lying to you if we say didn't forget about it In fact, we had to go watch some videos to[...]

Interview: Pearl Abyss Lead Producer Kwang Sam Kim For "Shadow Arena"

Shadow Arena Is Now Available In Steam Early Access

Pearl Abyss has finally released Shadow Arena, sort of, as the game has now entered the Early Access system on Steam The Black Desert version of a battle royale game has been in beta testing for a while now to work out the kinks, but now we have an official version you can play, albeit[...]

Moonray Cover Art

Moonray Will Be Headed To Steam's Early Access In July

The game will be going into Early Access on July 2nd for $10 so players can try the game out, but they won't be getting the full version right away It also sounds like a console version is in the works, but it will be held off until the next generation of consoles is released[...]

"Nation Breakers: Steam Arena" Headed To Early Access On Friday

"Nation Breakers: Steam Arena" Headed To Early Access

Coded Clay Interactive has announced today that Nation Breakers: Steam Arena will be added to Steam's Early Access on November 18th The hectic robotic steampunk action title looks pretty good from the screenshots and video we've seen so far But now we finally get a chance to play it Check out the trailer below as[...]

"Bakery Biz Tycoon" Is Headed To Steam Early Access In The Fall

"Bakery Biz Tycoon" Is Headed To Steam Early Access In The Fall

So far all we know is that the game is coming to Early Access sometime in Q3 of 2019 For now, check out the description, pics, and trailer for the game.[caption id="attachment_1058976" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Bango.Games[/caption]Bakery Biz Tycoon is a business and managment simulator in which you have plenty of different objectives; from winning contests with[...]

"Ion Maiden" Will Hit Steam's Early Access In August

While 3D Realms may be dealing with Iron Maiden, it's not stopping them from bringing their indie game Ion Maiden to Steam's Early Access Along with Voidpoint and 1C Entertainment, the game will be headed to the platform on August 15th, 2019, but they're not just bringing the game in by itself The devs are[...]

XERA: Survival Will Be Going to Early Access on May 24th

XERA: Survival Will Be Going to Early Access on May 24th

This morning, New Zealand developer Spotted Kiwi announced that they will be releasing their upcoming game XERA: Survival into Early Access The game will officially go up on May 24th, allowing players to band together to survive in an unforgiving forest as they are hunted down Look for supplies and ways to defeat those looking[...]

Breach Will Be Entering Early Access in January 2019

QC Games announced this week that Breach will finally be making its way into Early Access on Steam sometime in January 2019 The game is a third-person action RPG that's looking pretty good, as it should with former BioWare developers behind the project The crew extended hours on the Technical Alpha playtest happening from November 30th[...]

Edge of Eternity Will Hit Early Access on Steam in December

Midgar Studio and Playdius announced today that they will be releasing Edge of Eternity into Steam's Early Access this December The JRPG has been looking mighty impressive in teasers, but finally, we'll have a chance to mess with it a bit in a few weeks as they release the game on December 5th We have the[...]

Green Hell Develoeprs Release Roadmap While Game is in Early Access

Green Hell may still be in Early Access, but the developers at Creepy Jar have decided to release a roadmap for the next six months anyway Below is a preview of what they intend to add to the game, along with a specialized note from the devs about why they've chosen to do this while[...]

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Gets a Release on Steam Early Access

1C Company announced this morning that they will be releasing Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark on Steam Early Access, which you can play starting today While you're not going to be getting the full game just yet, the company wanted to release it to get feedback on what is essentially a story-driven, turn-based tactical RPG with classic game[...]

Snowpeak Studio Announces Blood Ancestors is Headed to Early Access

Snowpeak Studio announced this week that Blood Ancestors would enter Steam's Early Access system, and they have complemented it with a new trailer If you're not familiar with it, this is a team-based first-person melee combat that is super on-the-fly as far as fighting goes and will force you to think on your feet with a[...]

Deathgarden banner

Deathgarden Will Be Released on Steam Early Access This Month

If you're one of the lucky few who have been enjoying Deathgarden's beta period, good news! The game will be released into Steam's Early Access soon Behaviour Interactive announced today that the game will be released into Early Access on August 14th, and it will come with some additional changes and content Plus, players can try[...]

Rend Receives a Steam Early Access Release Date for Late July

Frostkeep Studios announced this morning that the game will be coming to Early Access on July 31st, which you can purchase for $30 as they move from closed alpha to open beta We have the official trailer and game description for you below.[caption id="attachment_870628" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Frostkeep Studios[/caption] Epic fantasy adventure meets team-based survival in Rend[...]

Regions of Ruin

Regions of Ruin Has Made an Absurd Number of Changes in Early Access

[caption id="attachment_754688" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit// Poysky Productions[/caption]It isn't all that strange to see a game get a lot of tweaking during Early Access, but Vox's Regions of Ruin has had an insane six weeks since it launched The game has seen 65 new areas added, 15 new mobs, eight building upgrades, two new building types, new[...]

Slaying Fools Like Old Times: We Preview 'Quake Champions'

In recent years it hasn't been that prominent or relevant, but Bethesda has been working hard the past year to change that with Quake Champions.[caption id="attachment_704545" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Bethesda[/caption]We had a chance to play on the Bethesda server when the Beta was up and running, but this week they put the game out in Early[...]

More Robots Fighting In Space: We Review 'War Tech Fighters'

Sometimes you come across an Early access game and you kind of realize why it's sitting in Early Access The game can be a really fun game, but it can be hard to look at it with innocent eyes and not see some of the glaring flaws So when we review games in this stage,[...]

Dumb Fun With A Bit Of Humor: We Preview 'Cloudbase Prime'

We got one of those games recently in the form of Cloudbase Prime from Floating Island Games and got an opportunity to preview it as it is now headed out of Early Access on Steam.[caption id="attachment_693497" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Floating Island Games[/caption]Now I can't tell whether this is simply the Early Access portion or if it's[...]

Getting Feudal With Paper: We Preview 'Upside-Down Dimensions'

One of the latest games that fall into this category is Upside-Down Dimensions, a game in Steam's Early Access being produced by Hydra Interactive Entertainment We got ourselves a copy and decided to do a quick preview.[caption id="attachment_693436" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Hydra Interactive Entertainment[/caption]Upside-Down Dimensions puts you in a paper-designed world that's meant to look like[...]

Protecting The World From Hell With Friends: We Preview 'Hell Warders'

The latest game to cross our motherboard from Steam's Early Access program is Hell Warders, an action RPG from Ares Games As always, we won't be giving the game a proper review since it hasn't been fully released yet, but we'll be happy to preview it for you so you can determine if this is[...]