Super Mario Run Has Been Downloaded 78 Million Times And Bought By Over 5% Of Players


Super Mario Run was Nintendo's first real push into mobile, and it is a huge move for the company. With flagging sales, it is just the shot in the arm the company needed to get people engaged, especially before the Switch launches.

The extent of its success has now been revealed in numbers too. Nintendo confirmed that the game had been downloaded 78 million times. That is a truly insane number for a video game. Of course, that isn't where the money is. The game had a free trial, but had to be purchased for $10 to get all the content. Bloomberg reporter Yuji Nakamura (via Eurogamer) says after speaking with Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima that over 5% of players bought the game.

That's still 3.9 million purchases, which is not bad at all.

It's unclear if the game is a "success" for Nintendo, as it isn't certain what their expectations for the title were. On it's own though, it seems like it made bank. Also, it's not even launched on Android yet, which is happening in March.