Terraria Is Finally Fully Released & It Only Took Nine Years

There are a lot of games out in the world that can be used as a lesson for game developers, and Terraria is certainly one of them. The game, which is sometimes affectionately called "NES Minecraft" by the community, has had a pretty dedicated audience ever since it was launched back in 2011. Ove the past nine years, Re-Logic has done its best to add content to the game and keep it updated, but the biggest thing about the game that gets mentioned all the time is that is was still incomplete. While we were seeing new things added to the game over time, the fact is the game was never really "finished". it wasn't one of those games that sit in Early Access forever until they finally decide they're done, nothing like that. But it always seemed like there was an end-game to everything that hadn't been realized yet. That all changed as nine years to the date of when it was first released on May 16th, the game received one last massive update called Journey's End, effectively completing the game.

Terraria gets one last update with Journey's End, completing the game. Courtesy of Re-Logic.
Terraria gets one last update with Journey's End, completing the game. Courtesy of Re-Logic.

Journey's End brings about one last massive update that in many ways changes the fundamentals about the game, adjusts many of the mechanics, adds a ton of items, and brings up the quality of life of the game to a new level. In other words, this is the end-all-be-all update. As it should be since it's the last update. After it went into effect, Terraria became the #3 most played game on Steam this week, right behind CS:GO and Dota 2. It's been a long journey for the devs, with a game that sometimes looked like it would never be officially completed. It's up to the community now as to what the legacy of the game is as they have a lot to explore and achieve. Meanwhile, we all now look to see if the team will resurrect the canceled sequel or if they'll move onto a new project.

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