The Best Shiny Pokémon Cards In The New Shining Fates Set – Part 2

Shining Fates is the newest special set in the Pokémon TCG. Like Hidden Fates before it, Shining Fates includes a standard set as well as an even larger subset of Shiny cards referred to as the "Shiny Vault." In Shining Fates, the Vault is made up of standard Shiny Pokémon cards, which feature the Shiny version of a Pokémon set over a textured, silvery foil background with a burst of sparkles that mimics the animation when these special creatures are encountered in the games. Then, there are the Shiny V and VMAX cards, which depict the Pokémon in beautiful, glimmering full art cards in their standard Shiny forms on the V and their Gigantamax or Dynamax Shiny forms on the VMAX cards. In this special two-part series celebrating the artwork of Shining Fates, let's take a look at the best V and VMAX Shiny Pokémon cards.

Shining Fates V and VMAX cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Shining Fates V and VMAX cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG

Keep in mind, as we go into this, these selections are all a matter of opinion. We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Our top five Shiny V and VMAX cards are:

  • Shiny Centiskorch VMAX: The silvery background of the Shiny Full Arts works so well with the bright red of Shiny Centiskorch. The standard version of this card was among the best pulls in Darkness Ablaze and this Shiny version looks even better.
  • Shiny Rillaboom V: Now, the VMAX is beautiful, don't get me wrong. However, there's just something so swaggy about the way Rillaboom is pointing here. Either Rillaboom card is a fun pull, but I take this one ten times out of ten.
  • Shiny Lapras VMAX: Wow. This stunning Lapras VMAX card positively glows. I pulled this one today myself, and the way that the light hits the texture of the card makes this the most beautiful Lapras card of all time — at least to me. The original Fossil holo is a lot to live up to, but this one does it. The musical notes, you know!?
  • Shiny Charizard VMAX: This card is the most coveted pull of the set and by far the most valuable. As of this writing, it has sold between $400 and $700 on eBay within the last 24 hours. This shows a massive uncertainty about the true value of this card and what it will eventually stabilize as, but this is currently among the most sought-after chase cards in any modern set. Aside from the value, it's absolutely beautiful. It gives the Shiny treatment to the Charizard VMAX from Darkness Ablaze and it is, quite simply, worthy of the hype. It's just not the best card in this set. Second best, yes. But the best is…
  • Shiny Ditto VMAX: Need I say more? Scroll up and look at Ditto's face. It's a perfect Shiny with its bright blue color, and it's one of the most beloved Pokémon of all time. Beyond that, Ditto rarely gets its chance to shine in the modern TCG, but here it truly does as the overall best card in the set. It might not be as valuable as Shiny Charizard VMAX, but it's certainly as exciting a pull for a collector and Pokémon lover.

You can explore the full Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates Shiny Vault gallery here.

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