The Elder Scrolls Online: Flames Of Ambition Goes Live With An Update

Bethesda Softworks has released The Elder Scrolls Online: Flames Of Ambition today along with an update for the game. The latest DLC pack is officially live for PC and Mac users as you're getting two new epic dungeons in what will be the start of this year-long Gates of Oblivion story. What's more, the developers have also released Update 29 into the game, which introduces a ton of free changes and improvements for all players. This includes a much-needed redesign to the Champion System for high-level players. You can read more about both additions below, as well as in-depth details on the DLC here, along with the trailer at the bottom.

Flames Of Ambition adds a new wrinkle to the storyline, courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.
Flames Of Ambition adds a new wrinkle to the storyline, courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.

Two New Dungeons: Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron 

In Black Drake Villa, players will team up with the adventurous Wood Elf scout Eveli Sharp-Arrow and search the hidden archives of a once-proud mansion that is now home to monsters and arsonists. Players can learn more details more about Black Drake Villa on the Elder Scrolls Online website. In The Cauldron, the cult of the Waking Flame has enslaved the local townsfolk and now excavates sinister ruins deep within a long-forgotten mine. With the help of the Dremora Lyranth, players will battle their way through Daedric beasts and cultists, free the captives, and put a stop to their plans.

UPDATE 29: Champion System Redesign, Improved Character Sheet and More 

With the redesigned Champion System, players can better tailor their characters to their chosen playstyles using three updated constellation groups. The changes also introduce a champion bar, allowing players to slot up to four powerful passive boons for each constellation. In addition to the new Champion System, Update 29 includes other improvements and fixes, including an updated character sheet that shows advanced stats. Players will now better see how changes to their character (be it via Champion Points, abilities, gear, or attributes) impact their effectiveness.

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