The Elder Scrolls Online Releases Firesong & Update 36 Details

Last week, Bethesda released Update 36 into The Elder Scrolls Online, along with the latest expansion to the game with Firesong. Firesong is designed to expand upon the ongoing Legacy of the Bretons saga currently in the game, as you can explore the island of Galen and enrich yourself in the culture and histories of Tamriel's druids. The content will be added to the game on November 1st for PC/Mac and Stadia, with a November 15th release for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. We have some of the details for you below, and you can check out the entire blog about it here.

The Elder Scrolls Online Releases Firesong & Update 36 Details
Credit: Bethesda Softworks

The Elder Scrolls Online: Firesong

The Elder Scrolls Online: Firesong will continue and expand upon the ongoing Legacy of the Bretons saga and provide bonus quests concluding the year-long adventure. This story DLC allows you to explore the island of Galen, dive deep into the culture and histories of Tamriel's druids, and bring an end to a larger narrative that began back in February with the Ascending Tide dungeon DLC and continued throughout all of 2022.

Explore the Home of the Druids

In Firesong, you can explore Galen, one of the four islands of the Systres Archipelago. Abundant and fertile, this isolated isle northwest of High Isle has long served the druid circles of the Systres. Galen features colossal, overgrown forests, inhospitable jungles, snaking lava rivers, woodland spirits, and creatures unique to this part of Tamriel. It's not only the druids who call this island home, however, as House Mornard and their southern port city of Vastyr provides a lone bastion of civilization (at least as far the Bretons of High Isle see it) among the untamed wilds. While you explore and dive deep into lore of the druids and Galen, you'll encounter no shortage of challenges, including new world bosses, delves, volcanic vents, and standalone quests, too. A whole new island of adventure awaits!

The Elder Scrolls Online Releases Firesong & Update 36 Details
Credit: Bethesda Softworks

A War Among Circles

Despite its shared legacy as a home to all druids, Galen's people find themselves mired in conflict. The Firesong Circle (first encountered within the Lost Depths DLC) have attacked their fellow Stonelore and Eldertide druids, while House Mornard simultaneously suffers relentless raids from Sea Elf pirates. In the face of these two growing threats, you must defend the people of Galen, investigate the motives behind these attacks, and put a stop to them before their chaos can spread to the rest of the Systres.

Save the Systres (and Tamriel)

While Firesong features a standalone story, should you complete the main questlines for both this DLC and the High Isle Chapter, you'll unlock additional bonus quests that bring the Legacy of the Bretons year-long saga to its final conclusion. Throughout your journeys in Galen, you will piece together the events of all of 2022's DLC and Chapter content to finally uncover and confront the Ascendant Lord himself. Do not fear, for you'll be joined by familiar and new allies in this final adventure that will take you deep into the very heart of the volcanic isle of Y'ffelon!

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