The King Of Fighters XV Will Work In Rollback Netcode

It looks like players will be getting rollback netcode in The King Of Fighters XV, much to the delight of many players who enjoy online play. For the past few months, there has been a bunch of speculation as to whether or not it would even be in the game and what kind of an impact it would have on players if it actually didn't show up. And while we have been getting character reveals here and there in the buildup to the game, a lot of the inner-workings of what modes will be around and how the game will function have been kept in the dark. Obviously, they want to reveal everything when it's ready to go, but the suspense is killing a lot of fans as to what the final product is going to look like.

The King Of Fighters XV will be released sometime in 2021, courtesy of SNK.
The King Of Fighters XV will be released sometime in 2021, courtesy of SNK.

Part of that suspense has been turned into relief and all it took was a simple tweet from KOFXV producer Yasuyuki Oda. As you can see below, he kept it brief, but he alerted fans that they have been working on a "rollback solution", and that its currently in the works as part of their development of the game.

The big reason why fans were so anxious to get this news is that the last two modern entries into the series suffered issues for not having rollback, and instead used delay-based netcode. The rollback has been proven to help performance and gameplay when battling online, which is going to be an important feature as we have yet to know when the world will go back to having in-person esports events, so having online tournaments run as smooth as possible is a factor every fighting game should look into. If you're curious about the difference between the two, Ars Technica has a cool article talking about the differences and why rollback is the better option of the two.

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