The Last Spell Receives Major Update In Early Access

The Arcade Crew has revealed details to a major update added to The Last Spell as the game still sits in Steam's Early Access. This free Glenwald Calling update puts in a number of improvements to the game as well as some key additions like a new map, three Apocalypse levels, and a new problematic foe the devs are calling a "strategy-foiling enemy". Not to mention some refinements, bug fixes, and balancing changes. You can read a little bit below along with a new trailer showing parts of it off.

The Last Spell Receives Major Update In Early Access
Credit; The Arcade Crew
The announcement's trailer shares a first look at Glenwald, an obstacle-ridden city speckled by Mist Censers casting shrouds of mist, hiding sections of the map as well as lurking enemies. Glenwald Calling also introduces the Guardian, a new enemy type which grants defensive buffs to neighboring beasts. Combined with Glenwald's tricky terrain, Guardians make fending off The Last Spell's relentless, monstrous mobs uniquely difficult across three new immensely challenging Apocalypse levels. A full overview of Glenwald Calling's additions, improvements, and balancing changes are also detailed here.

New destructible elements of scenery:

  • All obstacles can now be selected by clicking on them
  • Some obstacles blocking the LOS can be destroyed and are then replaced with indestructible obstacles that don't block the LOS

Rework of the existing Apocalypses and their order (more details below in the "Balancing" section), and addition of new ones:

  • Full rework of Apocalypse 3: The map now includes several Mist Censers, an element of scenery which locally generates Thin Mist for the enemies to hide in
  • Apocalypse 5: All enemies now have +2 Movement Points
  • Apocalypse 6: All items except for the ones generated with the heroes now have an additional negative affix whose level of malus depends on the item's level

Consumables now have a number of uses per night, instead of a number of uses in total

  • Consumables don't get destroyed anymore when their number of available uses reaches 0
  • At the beginning of the production phase, the number of available uses of every consumable item is recharged

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