The Rainbow Rare Cards Of Pokémon TCG: Vivid Voltage Part 1

The Vivid Voltage expansion has stormed the Pokémon Trading Card Game community, adding a collection of beautiful new cards that collectors are eager to pull. Let's take a look at the beautiful Secret Rare Pokémon cards featured in this Pokémon TCG expansion known as "Rainbow Rares," which are some of the most coveted pulls in the entire collection. These textured cards feature the same artwork as the standard VMAX but with the colors replaced by a stunning rainbow palette. These are the first of three kinds of cards classified as Secret Rare cards, including these below Rainbow Rare Pokémon Cards, Rainbow Rare Trainer Cards, and, finally, the elusive Gold Cards. Secret Rare cards feature a number greater than the collective number of the set. For example, the first of the Secret Rares, Orbeetle VMAX, is numbered 186/185. The next card, Darmanitan VMAX, is 187/185, and so on.

Rainbow Rare Pokémon cards in Vivid Voltage. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Rainbow Rare Pokémon cards in Vivid Voltage. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • Orbeetle VMAX Rainbow Rare: While perhaps not the most desired pull among the other Secret Rare cards, the rainbow colors are especially bright on Orbeetle's dome here.
  • Darmanitan VMAX Rainbow Rare: This Generation Eight variant of Darmanitan shines bright like a diamond, with the rainbow palette lightening over its body to create a beautiful pattern that doesn't wash out its original, cool colors.
  • Pikachu VMAX Rainbow Rare: Known as the Rainbow Rare "Chonkachu," this is the card everyone wants. It is the chase card of Vivid Voltage and by far the most valuable. As of this writing, it is going for upwards of $237 with no decrease in sight. The next most valuable card is the Full Art Pikachu V, which is going for as of this writing $39.10. The great thing about Pokémon cards is that the collectors decide what becomes the most valuable based on how much they love the card. This Pikachu card is an absolutely gorgeous piece of art featuring the franchise's most iconic character, and it's refreshing to see a set where the main goal isn't to pull a Charizard.
Rainbow Rare Pokémon cards in Vivid Voltage. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Rainbow Rare Pokémon cards in Vivid Voltage. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • Coalossal VMAX Rainbow Rare: Of the Rainbow Rare Pokémon, this is actually the runner-up after Pikachu, and is currently worth $17.44. It is outpriced not by other Pokémon, but by the Rainbow Rare Trainer Cards featuring Nessa, Bea, and Leon. While this card doesn't see Coalossal's intimidating burning flames, it still looks great.
  • Aegislash VMAX Rainbow Rare: Sleek and regal, Aegislash looks awesome in this Rainbow Rare.
  • Togekiss VMAX Rainbow Rare: An underrated card amongst the Secret Rares of Vivid Voltage, this Togekiss card is amazing in its simplicity.

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