The Smash Bros. Community is Fighting Over Wobbling Again

You'd think with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Game Cube controller options out, people would be leaving Melee and all its drama behind. Right? Nope! If anything, this past week has shown that not only is Melee still strong and thriving nearly 18 years later, but people are picking fights and having drama about its mechanics in tournament play all these years later. Players are back to arguing about the "Wobbling" mechanics tied to Popo and Nana, also known as the Ice Climbers.


This is where one of the climbers, Popo, grabs and holds you while Nana hits you repeatedly. It's a ploy used for years that was eventually banned because if done correctly, you can get your opponent into an infinity look of damage until they're ready to be hit off the map. Here's some video of it happening, and you can clearly see why this pisses so many players off as it's basically a cheap victory that can cost you a stock with no recourse or way to break it.

The debate over banning it from tournament play has been sparked again as one of the biggest players for Melee, Axe who plays for Tempo Storm, called for it to be banned. Which immediately set off a firestorm on social media on both sides as the move, while cheap and disgusting, technically isn't cheating as it's a built-in mechanic for the characters.

Now in most games these days when you have something like this and there's a big enough outcry, the game gets updated or fixed. Since that's not an option with one made three Nintendo consoles ago in 2001, players are kinda stuck with it if they choose to keep playing Melee, shy of every tourney organizer banning it. How do you feel about the move? Should it or the characters be banned from being used in tournaments? Or is this just something players should learn to deal with if they choose to play the game?

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