There Will Be No Square Enix E3-Replacement Live Stream

Turns out not everyone is doing a live stream to replace their appearance and the now-canceled E3, which includes Square Enix. Pretty much everyone in the games industry who was going to attend the event went into a small panic mode after it was canceled. Though a little relieved they wouldn't have to pay booth fees and whatnot, this event and others were gone leaving their promotion of what was coming in 2020 out in the cold. So a lot of people have either switched to an online format or took the press events they were already planning for and turned them into studio-based live stream events. Of course, there are some companies who have outright said they won't be doing any kind of an E3-like presentation this summer, such as Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bethesda Softworks. But now you can add Square Enix to that list.

You can count Square Enix out of participating in summer live streams.
You can count Square Enix out of participating in summer live streams.

The word came out from Bloomberg tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki, who took to Twitter saying, "Square Enix said it won't hold online event to unveil this FY's new releases around E3's timing because making assets ready for such show has become difficult due to COVID-19. Instead, it will announce new titles on individual basis." To be fair, while SE does do some marketing and promotion during this time of year, they only occasionally hold their own event. Usually, they prepare their own live stream that goes about 30 minutes, while 2019 was one of the few times they've done a live stage presentation. Depending on the game, they also prepare assets for people like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft to show off during their presentations. We're guessing for 2020, aside from unannounced titles, this year is primarily going to focus on Final Fantasy Online XIV, Marvel's Avengers, Circuit Superstars, Outriders, and possibly whatever's going on with Dying Light 2 now that they're involved with the struggling Techland game. Here's hoping the company reveals its plans for the future sometime this summer.

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