THQ Nordic & Koch Media Swap Several Video Game IPs

Today was a rather interesting day for IP trading as THQ Nordic and Koch Media swapped a bunch of titles between each other. It's not an uncommon occurrence to happen in the industry, there are a lot of game titles over the course of a year that get swapped around. But when we sit here and look at what these two have done, we're not really sure who got the better end of the deal. So first off, Koch has given Risen, Sacred, Rush For Berlin, Second Sight, and Singles: Flirt Up Your Life over to THQ. Meanwhile, over on the THQ side, they've given Koch Red Faction and Painkiller. So while it looks like on paper that THQ got more out of the deal, the reality is they both gave up stuff they weren't doing much with. Koch gave up four mediocre titles that are practically dead in the water while THQ forked over two somewhat relevant titles that they haven't really done anything memorable with for a while.

Red Faction's last major release was Red Faction: Armageddon in 2011.
Red Faction's last major release was Red Faction: Armageddon in 2011.

We won't bother to post the PR for the announcement because even the press release about it seems like neither company really cared about what they were losing. Even THQ admitted they made a ton of mistakes with Painkiller during the time they had the IP, and rather than make a new effort with it, they cast it aside. We'll see if either company can make anything better out of the assets they just gave to each other. THQ Nordic has basically become an emporium of old video game titles that, for the time being, they're pretty much just been collecting. If you go back and look at their history for the past two years, they've amassed a collection of titles that they've done nothing with, as far as we can tell. Now they got five more to add to the library. What will they do with all of these IPs?

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