Tonight Is Shiny Cubone Spotlight Hour In Pokémon GO

Cubone Spotlight Hour is tonight in Pokémon GO. From 6 PM – 7 PM local time, most of the spawn points in-game will, for one hour, switch to Cubone. With this guide, you can maximize on the hour and potentially even catch a Shiny Cubone.

Cubone in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Cubone in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

So, first the major points. Yes, Cubone is going to be available Shiny tomorrow. Yes, it is a terrific Shiny. Yes, it is immensely frustrating that this is happening at the end of the Pokémon GO Halloween Event and will interfere with the spawns for an hour. For this Spotlight Hour, for the first time, Bleeding Cool is going to suggest that you put on a Star Piece and grind out the bonus rather than specifically Shiny hunting the Pokémon. The bonus is going to be double catch Stardust, which is the most useful bonus these Spotlight Hours offer… and there's going to be, very soon, another opportunity to catch a Shiny Cubone.

In fact, perhaps even an easier opportunity. Here's why.

If you don't catch a Shiny Cubone, there's no need to fret. Cubone will be a featured spawn in the next event, Animation Week 2020, which begins in Pokémon GO this Friday. Niantic isn't introducing any new Shinies with this event and is marketing Cubone very hard, which raised some eyebrows. The last time that Niantic did this was in September for Lotad and, during that week, Lotad had a highly-boosted Shiny rate. It isn't confirmed, but the speculation is that Cubone will, starting Friday, also have a boosted rate.

So no matter how you play, whether you opt to Shiny check the Cubone or focus on grinding out the double Stardust, we wish the best to all fellow Pokémon GO trainers for this Spotlight Hour.

NEXT WEEK: Jigglypuff with double catch XP.

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