Toy Fair '16: Pokemon 20th Anniversary Means Special Cards

Since 2016 brings the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon I was happy to see some Pokemon cards at Toy Fair. It just so happens that some very special limited edition boxes will be releasing this year. What makes it even better is, a new one will release each month!


Each box comes with a different mythical Pokemon and includes a pin, special foil card and two booster packs with the generation series in them.Which means…that can include any Pokemon in the last 20 years! The packaging is really spectacular, and I am so thrilled that they're including a pin. That will make it worth while alone.  A collectors dream? I think so.

Keep your eyes open for some more Pokemon news…it's sure to be popping up everywhere in light of the anniversary. Besides, it's always nice to see Pikachu out and about…

IMG_2347IMG_2372 IMG_2374

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