Transformers TCG Enters the War for Cybertron in June

Transformers TCG players will be joining the War for Cybertron.

The next expansion of the popular trading card game hits the US on June 28th, and after the Rise of the Combiners runaway success, War for Cybertron: Siege is the theme of wave 3. The current toy line from Hasbro is based around this as well, so look for character cards based on that line to be making an appearance. Also joining the fray will be Battle Masters and Micro Master cards. That's right- after giant cards with Metroplex and hinged cards for Combiners, we now have smaller cards!

Those cards will be 63 X 88mm and will feature a flip that can be an upgrade or a Bot. Thats should make for some fun deck building. Each booster pack will come with one regular Bot card, one Battle Master or Micro Master card, and battle cards as well.

New characters will also be joining in on the fun this time, like Soundwave (finally!), Major Shockwave, and Major Ultra Magnus. 48 character cards and 64 Battle cards in all will make up the set to collect, so make room in your binders and deck boxes everyone!

Transformers TCG War for Cybertron: Siege will hit US retail on June 28th, with other territories to follow.


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