Twitch Partners With For Multi-Year Deal

It may not be the first game you think to watch on Twitch these days, but a brand new partnership with is looking to change that perspective. The two companies have come together to form a multi-year partnership where events like the Speed Chess Championship and PRO Chess League will be broadcast on the social streaming platform on a regular basis, the same as you would see esports tournaments.  In essence, this would be one of the biggest deals the game has had since the days of watching it during the Cold War when people like Bobby Fischer were facing off against Boris Spassky on live television. Below are a couple quotes about the deal from both companies, and you can check out their channel here as they broadcast channels playing the game between tournaments.

Twitch Partners With For Multi-Year Deal


"I've been a video gamer my whole life," said Erik Allebest, CEO and founder of "To see the game of chess reach this status among other top online games is a dream come true and something I never imagined when starting I'm more excited than ever about the future of online chess. I cannot imagine a better partner than Twitch."

"Chess, like competitive video games and Poker, is a spectator sport that people like to watch live, making it ideal for Twitch," said Michael Aragon, SVP of Content at Twitch. "Since our community thrives on interacting in real time with pros who are at the top of their craft, we look forward to seeing chat light up over the best chess plays and strategies."

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