Twitch Partners With For Multi-Year Deal

It may not be the first game you think to watch on Twitch these days, but a brand new partnership with is looking to change that perspective The two companies have come together to form a multi-year partnership where events like the Speed Chess Championship and PRO Chess League will be broadcast on the social streaming platform on[...]

The DC Chess Collection TV Ad

This is currently the face of comics on British TV right now, this ad for the Eaglemoss DC Chess Set, collectable piece by piece through the local news stand, comic store, or subscription.Seriously, this is what we do in this country And for those of you who can't get their copies, Bleeding Cool will be[...]

At Chess, As In Everything, Batman Always Wins

And it may even contnue after that.But earlier this year, Eaglemoss launched another line in the UK, which comes to the US this month as well, the DC Chess line Just as with the figurine line, each comes with an accompanying magazine, but rather than building up a collection for the mantelpiece, this builds up[...]