Ubisoft Reveals The PS5 Not Backward-Compatible With PlayStation 1-3

Ubisoft dropped some PS5 info yesterday that we've been wanting Sony to confirm either way and they've been holding off from it. For over a year, fans of the PS5 have practically been begging Sony to just tell them how much backward-compatible content will be available for the console. And every time it seems like the company has a chance to reveal that info, it's nowhere to be found. Well, today you can either praise or curse Ubisoft for giving you the info Sony just didn't want to reveal as we now know that only PS4 titles will be backward-compatible. The news comes from the company's FAQ page about transitioning PS4 titles to the PS5, which instantly got people on Reddit and social media overnight hot as it signals a failure in the company's ability to listen to their fans.

Great news for just PS4 owners, bad news for people with retro libraries. Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.
Great news for just PS4 owners, bad news for people with retro libraries. Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

This is absolutely a disappointment. Whether or not you're a fan of Microsoft or the Xbox Series X, you kinda have to give the company respect for making a genuine effort to make as many games as possible from the original Xbox and Xbox 360 backward-compatible on Xbox One. While Sony, for better or worse, has been reluctant to even give the option beyond the previous console before it. The PS2 was almost fully capable of playing PS1 titles, the PS3 worked with most PS2 titles until later versions removed the option. And the PS4, to be blunt, has been a frustrating mess when it comes to PS3 titles, and the only way to really play PS1 & 2 games is to use a USB drive with ports, hack the console, or buy special versions from the store when they're released. Fans were really hoping that with the PS5, Sony would wise up and realize people might be more inclined to buy it if they could just play their previous libraries on it and have an all-in-one console.

While most diehard gamers will argue it doesn't matter because hardcore fans will buy the console anyway, it will be interesting to see if this impacts what casual gamers do with their cash come the holiday season. Because while hardcore gamers will spend the cash regardless, a good chunk of both Sony and Microsoft's income from console sales comes from average gamers who can only afford one and have to choose. If playing older games you already put money into and kept all this time is a necessity for you, and you just learned Sony won't support anything prior to late 2013… chances are many of those people are now looking at the Xbox Series X with new eyes.

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