Ultron Attacks Avengers Academy


This weekend has seen yet another Avengers Academy update, this time as the AI Tony Stark has been working on since early on in the game, Ultron, gains sentience and sets up it's own rival Academy on the doorstep and is using the training bots to attack.

This update also introduces long teased character Hawkeye (he was even included in the teasers before the game was released, but is only now joining the game) along with fellow Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, Pizza Dog, Jocasta and Viv Vision, all in a retro, neon 80s future aesthetic.

So far, the only premium character requiring payment is Lucky the Pizza Dog, at an appropriate if rather expensive 777 Infinity Shards.

The event will likely last around a month and then the next one will start. In a recent Marvel.com interview, the future promises Young Avengers and 'one of Marvel's most iconic villains' (which is most likely Thanos).

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