Valve Under Criticism For Allowing a Game Called "Rape Day" on Steam

A lot of people are questioning the approval system Valve currently uses today after a game called Rape Day made its way onto Steam. If you haven't seen social media on this, Twitter basically exploded yesterday evening when several gamers found a new indie game in which you control a serial killer rapist during a zombie apocalypse. The entire point of the game is to harass, rape, and kill women as part of the story. Rape Day has since been taken down and is unavailable for purchase at this time, however, Steam is apparently reviewing the game as we speak. Here are a couple of posts from Twitter showing off the game before it was removed.

No matter what the outcome Steam comes up with, the damage has already been done in the eyes of the gaming community. People are demanding an explanation from the company, and are even asking for an independent investigation as to how a game like this got approved in the first place. Which is something we'd love to hear Valve answer themselves since the company has been quiet on the matter. The company has generally had a hands-off approach about a lot of the games that come through the system since a lot of titles that come through usually involve things like shooting and murder. But it's going to be interesting to see where Steam falls when it comes to the subject of rape in a video game.

The developer, who has chosen to remain nameless, tries to defend the game on his website, claiming that people who can't tell the difference between games and reality shouldn't be playing games. But as far as the opinions of the Bleeding Cool games staff is concerned, it's pretty clear to us: this isn't a game, it's trash, and it has no place in modern gaming.

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