Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Celebrates Its Sixth Anniversary

Square Enix revealed their complete plans to celebrate the sixth anniversary of their hit mobile title Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. If you've ever wanted to see the team go all-out with their content for this game, this is the year to jump in and get everything you can. This new celebration will add new limited-time events and an abundance of generous in-game rewards for all players. Everything kicks off today and will run all the way until August 24th, as you can collect fan-favorite units, jump into special anniversary challenges and campaigns, snag some unique rewards, and lots more. We have the lengthy list of things they're celebrating for the next two months for you to read below as the event is now live.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Celebrates Its Sixth Anniversary
Credit: Square Enix
  • Producer's Present: Now until August 24th, players will be treated to a treasure trove of rewards simply by logging in during the campaign period. Log in one time to receive all rewards. Rewards include 12,000 Lapis, Master's Crown, NV Guaranteed 10+1 Summon Ticket (3★/4★/5★/NV), a 6th Anniversary Emblem, and more.
  • New Global Original Units: Players can attempt to summon both Wylk from the Fundamental Forces and Paladin Sylvie, now available as new global original Neo Vision units with brand-new CG animated Limit Bursts. Rates to summon Neo Vision unit such as previously available Storm Seeker Esther will also be boosted. Check out her updated abilities, including an improved limit burst with a morale-based damage process that allows players to deal even more damage in Clash of Wills.
  • Neo Vision Step Up Summons: Wylk Discounted Step-Up Summon Starting from today until August 3rd, players can obtain one NV unit guaranteed on Step 4, and players can summon from the banner on Step 1~4 with discounted Lapis.
  • P.Sylvie/S.S.Esther NV Premium Step-Up Summon: Until July 13th, players can obtain Summon Coin (P.Sylvie/S.S.Esther) and NV Exchange Ticket (P.Sylvie/S.S.Esther) on Step 2 and 3. By performing a total of 3 summons from Step 1 to Step 3, your fourth summon on Step 4 can be performed for free.
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Celebrates Its Sixth Anniversary
Credit: Square Enix
  • 6th Anniversary Free Weekly 60 Summon – Players can summon 60 units every week during the campaign period. The weekly summon will be available for a total of eight weeks, so if players summon each week, they can obtain up to 480 free units total. New units will be added to the summon pool every week until the last summon becomes available from August 18th to September 7th.
  • 6th Anniversary Login Bonus – Players who log in every day from 6/30 until 8/24 can obtain 24,000 lapis by collecting rewards from all three parts of the 6th anniversary login bonus. In addition, players who log in before 7/20 will receive a special ticket that will enable them to select a unit of their choice from a pool of powerful NV units.
  • 6th Anniversary Original Vision Cards – Three 6th Anniversary Original Vision Cards designed by several illustrators who've worked on SQUARE ENIX titles such as, Rubi Asami, Toshitaka Matsuda, Yukihiro Kajimoto, will be available. Players can obtain one of the Vision Cards, "On to Another Journey" from the Start of Summer Login Bonus.
  • NV Unit Select Ticket (6th Anniversary) – Now until July 20th, players can obtain an NV Unit Select Ticket (6th Anniversary) during the 6th Anniversary Login Bonus. The ticket can be used in exchange for one of 78 special NV units in an exchange shop, including the powerful Tide Bringer Kaito. Players can exchange a ticket for 1 unit they like the most.
  • 6th Anniversary Story Event: Fundamental Forces: Dragon Arc – Players can tackle this event, now until August 3rd to get amazing event exclusive equipment, such as the powerful Two-Handed Dragonscale Mace, all recipes to craft Dragontouched Cloak++, and a very special ability, the Eye of the Dragon.
  •  6th Anniversary Player Appreciation Summon– Until August 24, players can perform a number of summons based on how many days they have logged into FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS since day 1.  Players who have been playing FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS for more than 5 years will get a total of 150 free summons.
  • 6th Anniversary Player's Voice Summon (Part 1) – Players can vote for their favorite campaign, from now until July 27th. The campaign that collects the most votes will be implemented in the game. Players can use the 6th Anniversary Player's Voice Ticket (Part 1) obtained from the 6th Anniversary Player's Voice (Part 1) Login Bonus to vote until July 20th, for their desired campaign by summoning from 3 different options.

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