Verne: The Shape Of Fantasy Announced For Release In 2023

Assemble Entertainment announced a new game this past week as they will be releasing Verne: The Shape Of Fantasy sometime in 2023. As you may have guessed from the title, this is a narrative-driven title in which you will experience adventures based on the books by Jules Verne. If you happen to have no clue what Verne wrote, he is the author behind the novels Journey to the Center of the EarthTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and Around the World in Eighty Days. Utilizing those works of fiction, you'll embark on a magical journey where you will encounter many friends, villains, and monsters from his tomes. Enjoy the announcement trailer and added info below.

Promo artwork for Verne: The Shape Of Fantasy, courtesy of Assemble Entertainment.
Promo artwork for Verne: The Shape Of Fantasy, courtesy of Assemble Entertainment.

Set in an alternate 1888, the war against the dreadful "Nation" has reached its breaking point, devastating the land of Hemera, the fantastical world created inside the mind of Jules Verne. Aboard the mighty Nautilus, Jules Verne, Captain Nemo, and the courageous crew struggle to uncover the secrets of Atlantis, the fabled utopia that faced mass destruction from the very power source Verne and his crew aim to locate: the Flame of Hephaestus.

  • Tool Master: Discover and master the "IMAG," an ancient Atlantean device allowing Verne to rewrite his story and change the fate of the adventure.
  • We've Got Company: Non-linear dialogues create a robust cast of characters in a thrilling story that reflects the human ability to imagine and tell larger-than-life stories.
  • Unlock Atlantis One Puzzle at a Time: Utilize side-scrolling gameplay, inspired by old-school adventure games where solving puzzles and exploring every inch of your surroundings is key to success.
  • No Ruin Left Unturned: Journey through a steampunk-esque world brought to life by detailed pixel art, told through a wide range of environments from the Nautilus' dark corridors to ancient Atlantean ruins.
  • Historically Accurate: Enjoy an easy-to-follow narrative that leverages true-to-life information about Jules Verne's life and world famous works

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