The CWL Seattle Loser's Bracket is where the Real Action is on Day 3

The CWL Seattle Loser's Bracket is where the Real Action is on Day 3

The losers bracket matches so today have been tense, with a lot on the line for every team in the bracket. And quite a few teams entered the Losers bracket that weren't expected to drop as early as they did. Making it a very surprising tournament all around, but also a massive counterpoint to the almost lackluster matches of the Winner's semi-finals.

Team Kaliber knocked FaZe out early Sunday morning, which is disappointing for all the FC fans in the audience. Especially because they had such a lead coming into the CWL Seattle round. Luminosity have managed to stick it out in the Losers Bracket for an impressive run, and even took out Enigma6 this morning. Rise Nation won out over Team EnVyUs, while Red Reserve beat out the Lightning Pandas.

The Losers Round 5 saw Red Reserve face off against Team Kaliber, while Rise Nation took on Luminosity. TK and Rise Nation took home the wins in those rounds, which meant they went up against Echo Fox and Ghost Gaming respectively for Round 6. The TK and Echo Fox match was as strange as both teams have been thus far. The match theoretically should have gone to TK, but it was Echo Fox who took home the win after some incredibly disparate matches. The teams seemed to be trading off wins map to map. Meanwhile on the Rise and Ghost front, Rise Nation took the win pretty easily.

The Losers bracket matches have been positively insane, and Round 8 will determine who makes it to the Championship match. The 7th round of the Losers will see Rise Nation go up against Echo Fox.


Rise Nation and Echo Fox battled it out for the final Losers Round slot, while they went to the fourth map, it was a painful, painful game for Echo. At one point, Rise had a score of 170+ while Echo was sitting there with a grand total of 7. While they did come up a bit from that, the point disparity was brutal. Which gave Rise Nation the win. Losers Round 8 will see Rise Nation take on eUnited.


Rise Nation and eUnited went hard on Hardpoint with a pretty tight match for most of it, until Rise took the lead. This shouldn't have been a surprise as Rise won Birmingham, but they'd been underperforming a bit until they hit the loser bracket. Rise did go on to win the final round, meaning they will got onto face EvilGeniuses in the Championship Finals.

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