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We Played Marvels Avengers Again &#038 Learned More At NYCC 2019

We Played "Marvel's Avengers" Again & Learned More At NYCC 2019

Last month, we played the widely spread Marvel's Avengers A-Day demo. From the experience, we learned about the story, how characters play, and a bit more you can read here. After they revealed Ms. Marvel would be added as the main protagonist, we got a second chance to play the upcoming superhero game this year at […]

Marvels Avengers Shows Off More Of Iron Man This Week

"Marvel's Avengers" Shows Off More Of Iron Man This Week

Over the weekend, Square Enix released a couple of videos to show off more of Marvel's Avengers, specifically giving you a profile and look at Iron Man. Last time they did this a couple of weeks ago, we got a brief look at The Hulk and seeing what he could do as he took on […]

Square Enix Highlights The Hulk For Marvels Avengers

Square Enix Highlights The Hulk For "Marvel's Avengers"

Square Enix is slowly putting out small videos showing off different aspects of Marvel's Avengers, and the latest one shows off The Hulk. The video isn't a lot, you get thirty seconds of footage, half of it gameplay where we get to see Hulk smash. Some of it against AIM and their highly equipped army, […]

Iron Mans Roller Skates are Not in Marvels Avengers&#8230 Yet

Iron Man's Roller Skates are Not in "Marvel's Avengers"… Yet

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics shared quite a bit of new info about Marvel's Avengers at PAX West last week, along with a hands-on demo of the E3 level. The info session was scheduled after the hands-on demo and mostly went into detail on the core gameplay pillars and business model. The gameplay pillars were essentially […]

We Tried Out Marvels Avengers From Square Enix At PAX West 2019

We Tried Out "Marvel's Avengers" From Square Enix At PAX West 2019

The other fun appointment I got to have at PAX West 2019 with Square Enix was trying out the new Marvel's Avengers demo fresh off being at Gamescom. The gameplay we got to try out was the same that they did in Germany last month, only this was the first time it was being played […]

Someone Leaked Marvels Avengers Gameplay From SDCC 2019

Someone Leaked "Marvel's Avengers" Gameplay From SDCC 2019

It looks like someone decided to ignore the SDCC 2019 rules and posted footage of Marvel's Avengers from the game panel today. The demo shows off the characters just after the attack on San Francisco int he game, which has you fighting people as Thor, Iron Man, and The Hulk. Nothing from Black Widow (who […]

Marvel Will Show More Of Square Enixs Marvels Avengers at SDCC

Marvel Will Show More Of Square Enix's "Marvel's Avengers" at SDCC

While most people didn't get to see much of Marvel's Avengers at E3 this year beyond the trailer, it looks like we'll be getting a better look in San Diego. We got a chance to check out the game ourselves as members of the media during the convention last month, but like a lot of […]

Square Enixs Marvels Avengers Blends the Comic and Movie Worlds

Square Enix's "Marvel's Avengers" Blends the Comic and Movie Worlds

Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and Eidos Montreal unveiled their highly anticipated Marvel's Avengers game at E3 this year, and the internet promptly freaked out about the character designs. We get it. Iron Man doesn't look or sound like Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson isn't the face of Black Widow, and neither Chris Evans nor Chris Hemsworth gave their faces to […]

Relive the Glory Days of the MCU with Square Enixs Avengers Game

Relive the Glory Days of the MCU with Square Enix's Avengers Game

The Marvel's Avengers game being helmed by Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics was one of the big reveals for Square Enix's E3 showcase. The game is, if nothing else, a playable version of the MCU's golden years. You know, back in 2012 when everything was nice and no one was dead. It reunites the iconic […]