Gears Of War 4 Protagonist Is Marcus Fenix's Son


I'm a big Gears of War guy, so naturally, I'm quite excited about Gears 4. Seeing what The Coalition do to bring the franchise forward will be certainly interesting, and seeing how it fits into the last trilogy will be a key component.

…very key in fact. Thanks to GameInformer having the game as the cover with more features inside, we now know more about the game's protagonist. His name is JD Fenix. That is the son of Marcus Fenix, the protagonists of the last games. It's said of the character:

JD is an idealist who ran away from home at a young age to join the the COG militia only to go AWOL after a classified incident that players will learn more about during the game.

That sounds remarkably similar to Marcus's story which also featured him going AWOL against the CoG before the first game started. Hey, like father like son.

You can also get the low down on the other main characters in the game too by heading over here.

So, Marcus's son? I dig it. There is story to be had there and a way for Marcus to fit into this new trilogy without erasing everything he did in the last three games. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I dig it. Bring it on.