Get Star Wars: Battlefront And A Han Solo Carbonite Minifridge At Walmart


It seems we are in the nuclear arms race for minifridges special editions this year. Call of Duty of course announced a fridge edition for their game coming with Black Ops 3, at a fairly reasonably price all told.

Not to be overshadowed, EA have now stepped up too. They are going to be offering this Carbonite Frozen Han Solo mini-fridge at Walmart stores. This 'Deluxe Edition' comes with a copy of the game too and will run you $130.

It looks totally awesome, but it's worth noting, the front is just a sticker, not molded and raised as I'm sure we all would have hoped. Still, for a copy of the game and a neat fridge… it seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Thanks for the heads up IGN.