LEGO DImensions Welcomes The Goonies, Sonic, Teen Titans Go!, Harry Potter, Adventure Time, The A Team And More In New Trailer

It was always going to be fascinating to see exactly how LEGO Dimensions was intending to expand in its second year. A lot of people noted the first collection of games seemed almost targeted at the parents over the children, and it really seems like that might be the case again.

While it doesn't look like a full new game is coming, the roster for the game looks to be getting a serious expansion. Here is a list of all the franchises joining the toys to life game over the next months:

(New) Ghostbusters
Adventure Time
Mission: Impossible
Harry Potter
The A-Team
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
The LEGO Batman Movie
The Goonies
Sonic the Hedgehog
Teen Titans Go!
Harry Potter
LEGO City Undercover
Knight Rider
The Powerpuff Girls
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

All of these will be added into the game one way or the other with story, team or level packs all coming. That certainly feels more skewed to the nostalgia of an older audience, but a really eclectic bunch there.

Take a look at the new trailer here: