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Icon Heroes Enters the Jungle with Zoo Jitsu Fighters with Kickstarter
The Goonies is back as the iconic 1980s adventure film directed by Richard Donner and produced by Steven Spielberg comes to life Set in the sleepy town of Astoria, Oregon, the tale follows a group of misfit kids called The Goonies who embark on a quest to find the hidden treasure of the legendary pirate[...]
McFarlane Reveals Wave 2 Movie Maniacs with The Goonies and More
That trend continues with three new films entering the collection with The Goonies, The Hangover, and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Sloth, Gandalf, and Alan are ready to come home with these simple yet elegant limited-edition statues All three statues come in at 6" tall and come with an art[...]
Jane Foster Wields Mjolnir with Iron Studios New Mighty Thor Statue 
Hey you Guys! The wild adventures of The Goonies are coming to life with Iron Studios Releasing right out of Iron Studios 1/10 Art Scale series, Sloth and Chuck are on the hunt for One-Eyed Willy's treasure Two versions are getting released, a standard and a deluxe, with the deluxe featuring and added and more[...]
Everything Everywhere All at Once Star Ke Huy Quan on Acting Return
Image courtesy of A24 Quan was able to follow up the 1984 sequel with an equally memorable role as the child prodigy Data in The Goonies (1985) and kept up with Jeff Cohen, who played Chunk In Everything Everywhere All at Once, Quan plays Waymond, who reveals to Evelyn (Yeoh) the nature of the multiverse where[...]
One-Eyes Willy’s Treasure Awaits with The Goonies Prop Collection
We are living in a world surrounded by sequels and remakes, and I am surprised that The Goonies continues to remain untouched This is a good thing and I do not think a film like this needs a remake or a sequel unless we can get the return of the entire cast as the story[...]
The Op Launches Tabletop Games For The Goonies & Kingdom Hearts
The Op revealed two new tabletop games they have launched for the holidays as we have one for The Goonies and Kingdom Hearts It's not the first time either franchise has been given a board game, and in fact there are a few fun ones out there you can find However, what sets them apart[...]
Funko Games To Release The Goonies: Never Say Die
Funko Games revealed a new board game tied to an '80s franchise this month as they'll be releasing The Goonies: Never Say Die The game will have you playing as the four main kids who go off treasure hunting, along with Sloth, as you make your way through the caves solving puzzles, running from the[...]
Friends and The Goonies Get Sweet With New Serendipity Ice Cream
The fun does not stop there either as adventure calls with Serendipity and their new ice cream for The Goonies The Goonies are everywhere lately with Funko, RSVLTS, and now Serendipity announces their Sloth and Chunk Rocky Rooooaad pint This dynamic duo is back with chocolate marshmallow swirl ice cream that will have you looking[...]
The Goonies Never Say Die With New Tee Collection From RSVLTS
It is time to go on a memorable adventure once again as RSVLTS announces their newest tee collaboration collection with The Goonies The Goonies recently made a return into the spotlight as Funko announced a whole new wave of Pop Vinyls during their Funko Fair Almost the whole team is back with new collectibles for[...]
The Goonies Await New Adventures As Funko Announces New Pops
The Goonies are back, and better than even as Funko Fair ends their movie reveals This is not the first time that Funko Funatics has seen The Goonies in Pop form, as they were originally released back in 2014 However, the original release features the simple basic Pop design with a "normal" pose and a[...]
Stack of old televisions (Image:
Brian Cage Back; Taz Takes Shot at WWE: In Taz's defense? It was a good line. The Goonies Re-Enactment Project Pilot Is Good Enough for FOX: No middle ground on this one: this either captures the hearts and minds of a ton of eyeballs out there, our it's greeted with a collective shrug If this was[...]
A scene from The Goonies (Image: WarnerMedia)
Sarah Watson's (The Bold Type, Parenthood) The Goonies re-enactment drama pilot has received a green light from FOX to begin production The news came on Thursday as part of FOX's announcement that all six of its ordered pilots were moving forward with development, including comedies Pivoting and This Country, and dramas The Big Leap, The[...]
The Goonies Gets A Huge 4K Blu-ray Set From Warner Bros.
The Goonies is getting a new, pretty epic 4K Blu-ray release this fall The 1985 Richard Donner classic will come out in a special box set edition as well as a single release The box set will include a map, a patch, buttons, and will come housed in a treasure chest box The release will[...]
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FOX and Sarah Watson's (The Bold Type, Parenthood) The Goonies re-enactment drama has found its male lead in Ramon Rodriguez (Gang Related) Focusing on a substitute teacher who helps students film a shot-by-shot remake of 1985's The Goonies), the network pilot stems from Warner Bros TV, FOX's SideCar, and Amblin TV. Photo: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME Rodriguez's Jax is a[...]
A scene from The Goonies (Image: WarnerMedia)
So we know that there's a lot of you out there who love The Goonies (more of a The Monster Squad fan here, personally) – but how many of you would watch a reboot or reimaginig of it? Okay – now how many of you would watch a "meta" series where the actual film itself serves[...]
5 Cinematic Moments Which Shaped Me Into Who I Am
My favorite was Data (who wouldn't love those gadgets) but a close second was Sloth. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Goonies – Hey you Guys ( 2 The opening sequence from 'Back To The Future' I can remember wanting to learn how to skateboard after watching Marty McFly weave his way through Hill Valley[...]
Wolfman's Got Nards Monster Squad Poster
Way better than The Goonies (direct all hate to @jeremyohio on Twitter, but you know I am right) And now there is a documentary about the film and its fandom, titled Wolfman's Got Nards Obviously the film gets its title from the movie's most famous line of dialogue. Directed by Fred Dekker and co-written by Shane[...]
five nights at freddy's chris columbus
That means when you run out of power for the night- no more security doors and no more lights! If something isn't right- namely if Freddy bear or his friends aren't in their proper places, you must find them on the monitors and protect yourself if needed! As a screenwriter, Columbus' credits include Gremlins, The Goonies[...]
Film Registry 2017
Some other notable entries include Christmas classic Die Hard, Disney's animated Dumbo, The Goonies, Superman, and Titanic. Here is the complete list of this year's chosen flicks taken from the official registry website: Ace in the Hole (aka Big Carnival) 1951 2017 Boulevard Nights 1979 2017 Die Hard 1988 2017 Dumbo 1941 2017 Field of Dreams 1989 2017 4 Little Girls 1997 2017 Fuentes Family Home Movies Collection 1920s and 1930s 2017 Gentleman's Agreement 1947 2017 The Goonies 1985 2017 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 1967 2017 He Who Gets Slapped 1924 2017 Interior New[...]
Hugging It Out With Kiwi Smith And Kurt Lustgarten In Their Misfit City
They're sick of their town and the tourists that come to gawk at them, but they end up discovering a real treasure map, which leads them on an adventure even crazier than the one in the movie. JS: What was the inspiration behind the creation of this story? Kurt Lustgarten: Classic 1980s adventure movies, like The[...]