Man Claims That He Created The Leaked Nintendo NX Controller As Hoax


So, this story finally has a conclusion…I think.

For the past week the gaming side of the internet has been up in arms about the supposedly leaked photos of an in development controller for the Nintendo NX. Hashtags were made for #TeamReal and #TeamFake, and the debate waged on.

Well, it seems that the story has an ending and it goes to TeamFake. A man claiming to have made the hoax for the "lols" has turned up on reddit showing how he made the original model. Idriss2Dev posted this video showing off how he made it. Apparently the other photos that turned up were by someone copying the hoax, who actually made a physical version of the controller.

Here is his video:

Of course, not to send this on a spiralling path, but this could be someone just piggy backing on the pictures and attempting to take credit, but I'm not even going to entertain that, if only for my sanity.