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Mario Creator Miyamoto Really Seemed To Like Star Wars: The Force Awakens


There aren't many bigger in the world of video games than Shigeru Miyamoto. The creator of Mario, Zelda and countless other Nintendo properties is one of the most beloved creators of all time in the industry. He's no stranger to taking something old that people loved and renewing enthusiasm for it for a new generation.

…Evidently something he really admired about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Speaking to Game Informer recently, he spoke of his enjoyment of the film JJ Abrams and the team had made, saying:

One movie that I would have to talk about is Star Wars. It was a movie that I was very worried about. I really enjoyed the original three movies. But as they started to rely more on CG and computer graphics, I gradually stopped watching the Star Wars movies. 

I felt that for the people who were taking that on that it was a very big challenge for them. My expectation is that they'd maybe find a way to barely meet that challenge. But when I saw that movie, I was very impressed with what they were able to do.

As a creator, I really respected their ability to take on the challenge and bring back some of the feelings that people had the first time they watched the movies.

It's interesting to see when legendary game developers talk about their favorite film from any given year, as you get to see how all of pop culture is moving, as opposed to a part of it.


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