Peter Dinklage Dropped By Destiny In Favour Of Nolan North

zS0kxQMThe 'Dinklebot' in Destiny has been a point of great contention within the gaming community. Peter Dinklage's voice over work for the Ghost character has long been discussed for the deadpan voice performance given in game. Some have come to enjoy it, others adamant it is not right.

Well, it is all out the window now. As announced by GameInformer, Dinklage has been dropped in the game completely and is being replaced by Nathan Drake voice actor Nolan North. North is even going back in and re-recording older lines to create parity in all the content. It is said that 'Northbot' will interact with the lore a lot more and will have a more pronounced role in the game. North goes into what he is bringing to the character in the original article so head over that for all that.

Honestly, even though I had grown to like Dinklage in the game, this makes total sense. I think a lot of Destiny's story problems in the game come from the ghost being hamstrung by a big name actor they evidently couldn't get in the booth often. It sounded like too few lines might have been recorded and there were no new lines in the post-release DLC. Having North, who is a talented voice actor, come in and be more readily available to go into the lore and provide his voice more regularily makes so much sense and will do wonders for the game's story. I hope.