Star Wars: Battlefront Is Now More Balanced Following The Beta


Adam Cook writes for Bleeding Cool…

Just in time, as the game is out next week, but the beta that ran for Star Wars: Battlefront brought up a few concerns, chiefly the balance between the two rival factions.

During the large scale battles on Hoth, some felt like the balance was correct, and that it should be harder for one of the factions, but from a gameplay perspective, that's not necessarily all that fun.

Jamie Keen told Eurogamer:

The interesting thing that happened is that it was imbalanced and then people were like, 'It should be–it's about the Walkers assaulting Hoth!" That thematic story stuff you don't expect, but it is such an evocative franchise.

It actually isn't supposed to be unbalanced. It should be 50/50 in terms of success ratio; that's what we're gunning for. It's interesting, people's receptiveness that it would be unbalanced. It was fun to see people taking it that way!

So there you go, the balance has been restored in the universe (of Star Wars: Battlefront), then.

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