The Technology Being Used For Motion Capture Scene Rendering In Hellblade Is Mind Blowing

Facial capture and animation to a final product has been a rigid process in the past. While instant output from capture to digital representation is nothing new, if you see footage of it being used, even on mega-budget films like Avatar, it is pretty simplistic.

Well, somehow a collaboration between Epic Games, Ninja Theory and a whole host of other companies has blown that out of the water. This video shows the work being done with the character Senua in the game to render a fully realised CG scene in real time and it really is stunning.

Really. Take a look:

This could really help morph a lot of projects in the entertainment industry. Seeing a performance recreated in this fidelity in real time is striking. That's all before handing it over to talented animators afterwards to perfect, making this all an exciting prospect.