The Xbox One Elite Controller Is Out In October

en-INTL-L-XboxOne-Elite-Controller-HM3-00001-mncoThe Xbox One Elite Controller is going to be a luxury item that will make a lot of people happy. It lets you mod things as you'd like, bringing customisation to the standard controller. This is nothing new, as these kinds of controllers can be bought online, but it is fairly unique for a console maker to offer it themselves.

We finally have a release date for it too, thanks to the Xbox store. Its been revealed there that the controller will hit on October 27th, which probably not coincidentally is the same day as Halo 5: Guardians.

This is not going to be cheap either. It is currently priced at $150, meaning this really is only going to be the most dedicated. I think that is a ludicrous price for a controller, but hey, if you want the premium experience, it seems it will help you do that.