Watch Dogs 2 May Have Just Been Officially Confirmed With Sunglasses

It's not going to be a surprise when Watch Dogs 2 is announced at E3 this year. We've seen actors talking about it, and in earnings calls Ubisoft have directly acknowledged the game's existence. Public facing, officially official, it is still supposed to be a secret though.

Well, it seems that Ubisoft may have decided to announce their new game with a pair of sunglasses. The company sent some Ray Bans to YouTuber The Rad Brad with the logo clearly displayed. Wether the YouTuber was meant to have these yet, or if he broke an embargo, or Ubisoft really did just want to tease the game with some sunglasses isn't clear, but these would appear legit.

Take a look:

As I said, this should surprise no one. This was always going to be Ubisoft's big new announcement this year, but this is certainly a bizarre way to present this.

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