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Watch Dogs: Legion Received A New Title Update Today
Ubisoft has released the brand new 5.5 Title Update for Watch Dogs: Legion today, and with it comes some familiar content This time around you're getting a taste of Assassin's Creed with two free story missions called "Enter the Assassins" and "The New Creed", completely free along with two world missions called "Templar Hunt" and[...]
Watch Dogs: Legion Receives New PvE Mode In Latest Update
Ubisoft released a new update for Watch Dogs: Legion this week in which players will now have a new problem to deal with… zombies Yeah, we couldn't really believe it either until we saw it, as a game built around the premise of hacking now has a zombie mode The new PvE mode will have[...]
Watch Dogs: Legion Update One Will Release On Tuesday
Ubisoft is set to release what they're calling "Update One" for Watch Dogs: Legion, set to be added to the game on May 4th Technically called "Title Update 4.0", this will go love across every platform the game is on tomorrow morning, and will include a number of additions like a new hero character to[...]
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Ubisoft has released a pair of new trailers this week for Watch Dogs: Legion, revealing more of the story and new info on post-launch content The big news coming out of today's info drop is that the game will be getting a multiplayer addition, free of charge, allowing you and other players to work together[...]
Ubisoft Unveils Stormzy and Aiden Pierce in Watch Dogs: Legion
He's the main character in Ubisoft's first Watch Dogs Pearce is a hacker seeking revenge for the killing of his niece and goes up against mobsters, other hackers, and an evil megacorporation that's running a mass surveillance system on the city of Chicago. Aiden Pierce in "Watch Dogs: Legion", Ubisoft The game wants the player to regard[...]
Ubisoft Unveils Stormzy and Aiden Pierce in Watch Dogs: Legion
Award-Winning British musician Stormzy and recurring video game character Aiden Pierce will be in Watch Dogs: Legion, the newest Watch Dogs game coming out later this year from Ubisoft. A look at Stormzy as he appears in the game, courtesy of Ubisoft. At the company's digital press conference, Ubisoft Forward, they announced an exclusive collaboration with award-winning[...]
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Ubisoft revealed this afternoon during the Ubisoft Forward event that they will officially be releasing Watch Dogs: Legion this October Along with a fancy new action trailer you can check out below, the company revealed the official release date of October 29th, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, UPlay, and the Epic Games Store What's[...]
Ubisoft Forward Art
The latest trailer promoting the event didn't really give us anything new we didn't know about, but it did show off more of two games we've been waiting to see released in Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Ubisoft Forward will be taking place next Sunday, July 12th, 2020. This trailer, which you can watch below,[...]
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One of the last appointments we had at E3 2019 was with Ubisoft as they gave us a full hour and a guided tour of future London in Watch Dogs: Legion The demo we got of the game took us through an explanation of this futuristic post-Brexit London in which the city is basically in[...]
Ubisoft Gifts Post-Brexit "Watch Dogs: Legion" with Gameplay Deep-Dive
The next installment in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs series is, indeed, set in a post-Brexit England. Watch Dogs: Legion leaked ahead of E3, so rather than spend a ton of time on revealing the game, Ubisoft spent a decent amount of time giving us a ton of gameplay, including a highlight reel on how you can recruit others[...]
Ubisoft Confirms The
Ubisoft finally confirmed one of the latest games they'll be bringing to show off at E3 2019 is a new Watch Dogs game called Watch Dogs Legion Originally, there were a number of leaks online about the game but nothing absolutely solid that didn't look like it could have been created by someone looking to[...]
From The Rumor Mill: Watch Dogs 3 Will Be In London
If you believe the latest rumors, it seems as if Ubisoft are not only working on Watch Dogs 3, but the city location will take them internationally FireDen claims to have a leak about the next game, along with a few others, claiming that the next entry int he series will be set in London,[...]
Someone Made Watch Dogs More Playable With a New Mod
Remember when you played Watch Dogs and thought to yourself "I'm a hacker, I should be able to do more"? Well, a new mod takes care of that A mod creator that goes by the name The_Silver created a new mod for the game on Mod DB called "Living City", that allows you to treat[...]
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You can pick up Watch Dogs for free today thanks to Ubisoft extending their recent form of giving away free games. All you need to do to pick up the game is log into Uplay, and claim it here.  This will give you access to the game forever, so no free-trial nonsense Claim it, download it,[...]