Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Trailers Show How You Will Get Invaded And Work With Friends

One thing I'm not sure people know about Watch Dogs 2 is just how extensively franchise is trying to bring the game online. It was certainly part of the first game, but never quite felt like a focus though.

To bring you up to speed on how it will work, Ubisoft have released this new feature walking through how online will work in the game. It says that everything is completely optional, but that you will be able to run through the world in co-op with friends causing havoc, or other hackers can try to hack you and vice versa via PVP. On top of that, if you are being completely terrible in your world and killing civilians, you can be invaded by up to three people, who will try to kill you. Sounds fun, as long as it is all truly optional.

Take a look at it all here:

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