Warface Gets On The Battle Royale Train With New Mode

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a massive game; that is nothing new. But its effect on the industry hasn't quite been felt yet. Off the back of the success, there are bound to be many new takes on the genre currently in development, but most will take a bit of time before getting to market. Fortnite managed to jump on the wagon not long ago, though, and it is now being joined by Warface.

Warface Battle Royale Mode

The Crytek-developed free-to-play shooter is introducing their take on the formula — but instead of the huge 100 player pool of its ilk, this is just 15. Players are dropped into the map with just a knife and are tasked with finding loot in order to become the last survivor. A new map has been brought to the game to accommodate the mode, marking the largest so far.

Here is a trailer to show off the mode, and hey, it's free. No reason not to go take a look for yourself:

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