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Water Festival: Beach Week Begins Today in Pokémon GO

Water Festival: Beach Week begins today in Pokémon GO, featuring the release of Sandygast, the Shiny drop of Clauncher, & a costumed return.

The first week-long event of the Season of Hidden Gems begins now in Pokémon GO. Let's get into the details for this event which will see the release of Sandygast, Palossand, and Shiny Clauncher.

Water Festival: Beach Week graphic Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Water Festival: Beach Week graphic Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Here's what's happening for the Water Festival: Beach Week event in Pokémon GO:

  • Date and time: Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at 10:00 AM to Monday, June 12, 2023, at 8:00 PM local time
  • Pokémon release: Sandygast makes its Pokémon GO debut. Sandygast will be able to evolve into Palossand with 50 Sandygast Candy. Sandygast will be available in Field Research and Tier One Raids.
  • Shiny debut: Clauncher will be released in its Shiny form for the first time in Pokémon GO. It can be found in the wild.
  • Costumed feature: Lapras wearing a Scarf returns to Tier Three raids.
  • Wild spawns: Tentacool, Shellder, Krabby, Alolan Exeggutor, Horsea, Staryu, Marill, Wingull, Wailmer, Spheal, Finneon, Dwebble, Frillish, and Clauncher. Mantine and Popplio will be featured as rare spawns.
  • Global Challenge: Trainers will be tasked with throwing 300,000,000 Nice Throws worldwide to unlock the following bonuses:
    • Increased Candy for Nice, Great, and Excellent Throws
    • Increase chance for Trainers Leve 31 and up to receive Candy XL for successfully catching Pokémon with Nice, Great, and Excellent Throws
  • Raid rotation:
    • Tier One:
      • Alolan Diglett – Can be Shiny
      • Hisuian Qwilfish
      • Carvanha – Can be Shiny
      • Feebas – Can be Shiny
      • Sandygast
    • Tier Three
      • Blastoise – Can be Shiny
      • Gyarados – Can be Shiny
      • Lapras Wearing a Scarf – Can be Shiny
      • Alomomola – Can be Shiny
    • Tier Five:
      • Uxie in Asia-Pacific region – Can be Shiny
      • Mesprit in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India – Can be Shiny
      • Azelf in the Americas and Greenland – Can be Shiny
    • Mega Raids:
      • Mega Swampert – Can be Shiny
  • Field Research task encounters: These will include Lapras wearing a scarf, Frillish, Binacle, Clauncher, and Sandygast. You will also be able to earn Mega Energy for Blastoise and Swampert.
  • Special Spotlight Hour on Tuesday, June 6th from 6 PM – 7 PM: Water Festival: Beach Week Spotlight Hour featuring Krabby, Kabuto, Corphish, Clauncher, and Crabrawler with triple XP for catching; all can be Shiny except Crabrawler.
  • Event bonus: 
    • 4x Rainy Lure duration
    • $5 Timed Research

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