Will Mega Garchomp Debut After Gible Community Day In Pokémon GO?

Yesterday, Swablu Community Day included a special bonus. After the event ended, Niantic launched a new Mega Raid in Pokémon GO, introducing Mega Altaria into the game. Now, as Altaria is Swablu's evolution, this dual Community Day and Mega Raid debut has gotten some players in the Pokémon GO wondering if this is a one-off or the beginning of a pattern. This has led to many speculating over whether or not Mega Garchomp will debut next month following Gible Community Day in Pokémon GO. Now, it seems we may have our answer.

Pokémon GO tweets and Mega Garchomp design. Credit: GO Stadium
Pokémon GO tweets and Mega Garchomp design. Credit: GO Stadium

Niantic themselves have yet to post about this topic on any of their official Pokémon GO channels. However, influencers who have in the past collaborated with Niantic have taken to Twitter to confirm that the company has specifically told them that Mega Garchomp will not debut during Pokémon GO's June Community Day, which is set to focus on Gible.

Personally, I don't see this as a surprise. Niantic has been able to monetize Gible for a very long time, stretching out its tenure as a hyper rare spawn far longer than previous pseudo-Legendaries Dratini, Larvitar, and Bagon. While this long-desired Community Day is going to give us reprieve from the constant dangling of "If you're incredibly lucky, you may hatch/catch a Shiny Gible" over our heads, Niantic will still be able to make Mega Garchomp's release something very exciting itself rather than tacking it onto a Community Day that, frankly, doesn't need any extra hype. Gible Community Day already has a chance to be the single most hyped Community Day of the game's history. Anything extra would be overshadowed by that.

What I do think, though, is that it will be interesting to watch Niantic's choices for Pokémon GO Mega releases this summer. It's clear that they've rolled out a low-key first half of the year with plans to heat things up for summer, starting with May's Luminous Legends X events, and they've set a new pattern of one Mega every month. Now that we can rule out theories of Garchomp for June (or, at least for Community Day), who do you think we'll see enter the Mega Raid rotation in June?

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