World Of Darkness Bringing Back Two TTRPGs Into 5th Edition

World Of Darkness announced today that they will be bringing two franchises back to TTRPG form updated to 5th Edition. In their latest update, it was revealed that both Hunter: The Reckoning and Werewolf: The Apocalypse is coming back, with the first being nearly completed and work just starting on the latter. This is awesome news that falls in line with their mission statement a while back to bring more of their former properties back to glory. Especially with HTR as you finally fight on the other side of all the conflicts trying to put down many of the terrifying creatures of the night. We have more info to you below along with their live video talking more about both of these properties.

Renegade Game Studios Becomes World Of Darkness Publisher
Credit: World Of Darkness
  • Hunter: The Reckoning – Hunter: The Reckoning makes a surprise return and its fifth edition TTRPG is nearly finished. This is a highly anticipated return of a fan-favorite World of Darkness setting that has players working together to fight the terrors of the night. While Hunters know about the World of Darkness' secrets, this story world offers a hopeful look at humanity's future.
  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse Werewolf: The Apocalypse's fifth edition TTRPG is in active development. The World of Darkness team is going to great lengths to ensure the story is exciting, but also respectful to the various cultures portrayed in the game. Werewolf is a storytelling game about radical solutions following an environmental apocalypse. It's also a game that explores the differences between people and their mutual sacrifices.

World Of Darkness Bringing Back Two TTRPGs Into 5th Edition

"Hunter: The Reckoning is unique in the World of Darkness in that it gives hope to humanity. Hunters are fighting back against the terrors that go bump in the night, giving humanity a fighting chance against impossible odds," said Justin Achilli, Brand Creative Lead at World of Darkness. "Hunters also position themselves in opposition to larger hunting orgs, which are often the tools of an unjust status quo. Working on Hunter helps realize the aspirational element of the World of Darkness, that the things you do can change the world for the better. W5 is an exciting project because I feel players will really connect with its content and message. So many people today are struggling with their frustrations about the climate crisis and what has become 'the new normal' and are unsure how to vent their anger. What better way than to cut loose as a Werewolf and hold those responsible accountable?"

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