Xbox Announces The Power Your Dreams Campaign

This morning, Xbox launched a brand new campaign in anticipation of the Xbox One X/S release with Power Your Dreams. Unlike a lot of promotional campaigns where the focus is on selling you the product by hyping how amazing it is, this one is taking a bit of a change by highlighting the positivity that comes from being a part of this community and owning this console. Sure, it comes off like most ads you see promoting a new item to sell, but at least this one is trying to appeal more to you as a person as less as a consumer trying to figure out where to spend your cash. You can read more about the campaign here on Xbox Wire, while we have a snippet about it below along with the trailer.

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. Courtesy of Xbox.
We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. Courtesy of Xbox.

The story begins with Daniel picking up his Xbox Wireless Controller after returning home. He is greeted by online friends and is quickly transitioned into his gaming dream, moving from live action to CG. Daniel travels through his dream, passing through spectacular and immersive visuals of dream-inspired gaming worlds before discovering another gamer and her representation of her own gaming dream. Together, they realize that while each of our gaming dreams and journeys are unique, there are many gamers and many individual dreams that all come together with the power of Xbox.

Beyond the compelling visuals and relatable story, the true soul of "Us Dreamers" comes through with the featured track, "No Ordinary" a new song by Labrinth – a multiplatinum-selling singer, songwriter, Grammy nominated producer and Emmy award winning composer of one of 2019's biggest shows, HBO's Euphoria. "No Ordinary" provides an inspirational audio experience that uplifts the storytelling and complements the visual spectacle seen in "Us Dreamers."

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