Young Souls Is Set For Release On PC & Consoles Next Week

The Arcade Crew revealed the official release date for Young Souls as the game will be coming to consoles and PC next week. We've been seeing this game in development for a few years now, even tried out a demo back at PAX East 2019, and have slowly been waiting to see the game come to fruition in its final form. Here we are nearly three years later and that date is finally upon us at the game will be released on March 10th, 2022. Along with the news of the release date, the developers put together a brand new overview video that follows both Jenn and Tristan, as we watch them dive into another world for some intense dungeon fighting before having to return back home for a rest. Enjoy the trailer as we wait for the game to drop next week.

We Explore A Little Bit More Of "Young Souls" At PAX West
Credit: The Arcade Crew

As orphans, Jenn and Tristan's life path brought them to a mysterious scientist, who took them in and cared for them as his own children. But one day, he disappeared under very odd circumstances. While searching desperately for him, the duo found a hidden cellar and the Moon Gate portal, transporting them to a dangerous parallel world where goblins thrive. Your adventure in Young Souls begins as you fight to bridge these two very different worlds.

Fighting goblins is not as easy as fighting the weight machine at Happy Fit. Combat is punishing and demanding, but you'll be rewarded with loot chests, which will help you forget the injuries you suffer on the battlefield. There are tons of possible combinations that vary the stats of your equipment, weapons and the gameplay of your character. Adopting an attacking, defensive or balanced strategy is easy for anyone who dares venture to the land of goblins. Brawling with enemies obviously means epic boss fights that will make you sweat.

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